Respiratory Support!

Ya know that moment when you feel that itch in your throat and you know that a cold is coming on? I hate those moments! Im pretty sure everyone does! Right now cold/flu season is here and everyone around me is getting sick (myself included)! So, whether you or someone in your family is getting a cold; here are some simple natural solutions that will either fight the cold from happening or help you get over it faster. 😃 🙌🏼 Directions: put a drop of “Breathe” on your hands and inhale. This will clear out your sinuses and help you breathe better. Also put it on your chest and back coupled with “Frankincense” for relief. Diffuse “On Guard” and put a drop or two on the bottoms of your feet. 👍🏼 These 3 oils are staples in our home. What other oils do you use to find relief?