Sore?! Problem Solved.

Deep Blue! Oh how I lOVE you! Deep blue is the first product I ever tried of doTERRA’s. I had a marathon coming up and my friend told me if I put it on my legs, it would help them recover and help bring oxygen to the working muscles. I had been sick and had nothing to lose, so I VERY reluctantly tried her “voodoo, witchy” oils. Race day came and what do you know?! I PR’d by 24 minutes. Do you know what that means?! It means I ran almost a minute FASTER┬áPER MILE than I EVER had! Oh, did I forget to tell you that I was also throwing up and had the flu for the 5 days prior to race day?! So with pretty much nothing in my system, I PR’d. The only difference was Deep Blue. I couldn’t believe it. I’ve used the oil every since. Since then, doTERRA has expanded their deep blue products. They now have a deep blue oil, deep blue rub, deep blue roller and deep blue polyphenols. My story is just one of many of people using deep blue and having great success. You can use it for pretty much anything PAIN related. So, my question to you is….have you tried it yet?!? If you haven’t you’ve got too! Order deep blue HERE.